iKON Policy

Limited Lifetime Warranty


iKON, Only warrants iKON hardware against defects in materials and manufacturing under normal use, Purchased from iKON-USA.com or from authorized iKON retailers by the original purchaser (This limited lifetime warranty is not transferable to any other party.)

How you can obtain the iKON promise service?

  • Go over the iKON promise Limited Lifetime Warranty to confirm that said device is eligible.
  • Contact the iKON care team to arrange a warranty service.
  • Email: Support@iKON-USA.com
  • Be ready to provide proof of purchase upon request from the iKON care team.

What is not covered by the iKON promise?

iKON pods are not covered by the Limited Lifetime warranty. Damages caused by misuse or product abuse. In addition to an accidental nature (e.g fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural disaster) Damages caused by the device being exposed to extraneous moisture (e.g water, rain, extreme humidity, and any other unusually overbearing conditions or perspiration). Damages caused by operating the device other than the intended use as described by iKON. Cosmetic damages due to normal wear and tear of daily usage, including but not limited to dents, worn coating, scratches.